Riverhead Building Supply Prehung interior & exterior doors

Pre-hung doors are made right here in our shop, where quality is our focus. Our interior and exterior doors are manufactured full and square, not pre-beveled. Every door is beveled on one edge only for the required handling. We inspect our doors at every stage of assembly to ensure that your order is accurate and to our exacting quality standards.

  • Custom hinges can be applied
  • Head jamb is cut by hand to precisely fit individual door
  • Stops are not pre-applied, instead they are fit, by hand, to ensure continuous contact with the door
  • Prehung doors save you time and labor, and make installation simple

Our prehung interior and exterior doors stand the test of time. And that’s something we’re proud to stand behind.

Everything we do is designed to make a door swing smoothly, close tightly, and look like it was hung in place by a craftsman.

Riverhead Building Supply has 19 locations throughout Long Island and New England

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