Why Remodel Your Kitchen

Homeowner reasons for initiating a kitchen remodel

“In 2008, my husband and I purchased our current home from my grandmother, promising her that we would take good care of it. Her late husband had built the house with his own two hands after returning from WWII with a Purple Heart. For the most part, we have lived up to our word, having done some renovations to the outside and structure of the house. We have not kept our word with the kitchen. Most of the kitchen is original straight from the 50’s with a few updates in the 70’s and it is literally falling apart. Our dream is to expand the kitchen into the main living are so that we, along with our two sons can enjoy a bright, cheery open space that we can cook in, eat in and make memories for years to come.”

This family had wanted to update the kitchen for years. Some of the frustrations with the original layout were:

    • It’s not a comfortable place for 2 people to work in at the same time.
    • There is limited prep space.
    • There is no countertop next to the stove.
    • There is a dead corner next to the stove/oven – very hard to use the cabinet or countertop there efficiently.

With those challenges in mind, here are some of the changes they wanted to include in a redesigned space:

    • Add an island
    • Add a pot filler over the stove
    • Get the microwave off the countertop
    • Make more room for the family to sit together, or to entertain and seat guests
    • More storage/better storage – some of their cabinets are not fully utilized because it is too difficult to see or reach all the way to the back
    • Gas stove instead of electric (They expect to replace the stove/oven and the microwave, but will keep their dishwasher and fridge.)
    • Enlarge the opening to the next room to be able to see what is going on there
    • Room to include their 2 children in kitchen tasks – the current space does not allow everyone to move freely

“My kitchen is the original Yellow kitchen from 1974. Although this particular shade of yellow has grown on me over the last 3 years, it is cracking and chipped in places…oh and I almost forgot about those wonderful smells I can’t get rid of, so we put an air freshener in the lower cabinets…hoping to transform this space.” For this New York homeowner, a kitchen remodel represents an opportunity to do more with the space than they had originally planned. When they bought the house, they knew they would tackle a kitchen remodel, but put it off in favor of making other repairs and renovations in the home.

Some of the challenges in the current space:

    • The design (not just the color!) is dated – it is the original kitchen, installed in 1974
    • The corners are deep, and it is difficult to see or reach into the back of corner cabinets, making it wasted space
    • The pantry area is awkward

Some of the items on their wish list:

    • Dedicated space for garbage and recycling bins to keep them out of sight
    • Pull out spice racks near the cooking area to keep them close at hand, but out of sight when not in use
    • A larger sink, possible a farmhouse style.
    • Natural wood tones, natural elements like stone, and adding metal such as copper
    • Better use of the pantry space
    • Adding more natural light

What are the challenges with your kitchen and living space? What changes are on your wish list? Visit a showroom or get inspired here to start the process with Riverhead Building Supply’s team of Kitchen Designers.