Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2024

What’s trending in kitchens in 2024?

Home and Kitchen design trends are as unique as you are. An experienced kitchen designer, such as the ones you’ll find at Riverhead Building Supply and Lakeville Kitchen and Bath showrooms, can help you to put your personal style into your design.  Browse our showrooms and make note of the styles or colors that stand out to you. From there, you can explore our websites or other online resources to gather your ideas. Share your ideas with your kitchen designer to bring them to life in a kitchen design that fits you, your family, your home, and your lifestyle. 

We’ve rounded up some styles we’re seeing, to help guide you.

Depending upon how you most often use your space, some of these trends may resonate more with you.  

Multi-functional spaces

Kitchens are multi-functional spaces in most homes, integrating dining, entertainment, and workspace areas. Flexible layouts and adaptable furniture might be just what you need. Consider designing your space so that it can be transformed easily to accommodate various needs, such as remote work, entertainment, and relaxation. Some of our cabinetry partners, such as Medallion Cabinetry, have thought of everything, including in-drawer charging stations and other conveniences.

Bold colors and textures

Experimentation with bold colors, textures, and patterns adds character and personality to kitchen designs. Use a different finish color for the kitchen island (as in our image at the top of this page), or different colors on upper and lower cabinets. 

Smart kitchens

The integration of smart technology continues to evolve, with more connected appliances, smart faucets, voice-activated controls for lighting and entertainment, and kitchen systems that optimize energy usage and enhance convenience.

Hardware Finishes

Your cabinet hardware doesn’t need to match the metals in your light fixtures or your plumbing fixtures.  Find what is appealing to you. Brushed gold, brushed chrome, and matte black continue to be popular finishes, and mixing metals is ok!

kitchen trends 2024- hardware
2024 kitchen trends- hardware options

Statement lighting

Unique and artistic lighting fixtures provide both functional illumination and aesthetic appeal to kitchen spaces.

Concealed storage solutions

Streamlined and minimalist designs with cleverly concealed storage solutions allow you to maintain a clean and uncluttered look in the kitchen. Try adding a banquette or bench, for cozy seating and additional storage. Our designers have the talent to incorporate smart solutions, and make the most of small spaces. Ramp up your storage with a full wrap of cabinets around a refrigerator, along a wall, or think outside the box.

In this kitchen, what seems to be a tall cabinet is the entry to a pantry, hidden in plain sight. The client didn’t want an obvious door in that spot. Concealing it as another cabinet is an elegant solution that provides symmetry on the wall, and maintains the style and design of the overall space.

concealed pantry 2024 kitchen trends
concealed pantry- kitchen 2024 trends

Open shelving

While some may want to hide things to keep surfaces clear, others enjoy open shelving in the kitchen for ease of access.  Use open shelving to keep your most frequently used items close at hand or to display a favorite collection. Natural wood shelving can provide visual contrast to a painted cabinetry.

kitchen trends 2024- open shelving

Hybrid indoor-outdoor spaces

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living areas, and create a seamless transition through features such as scenic doors – glass doors that have narrow frames and large expanses of glass to maintain the view and the light. Add light, and bring the outside in, with doors like the Marvin Elevate bifold door or moving glass walls from Andersen Windows.

We’ve identified trends and styles that are popular above, now here are a few that have reached their peak and are on the way out. If you love one of these or it fits a need for you, bravo! Incorporate what you love or find useful. If you really must have it, incorporate it as an accent rather than a focal point. 

All black hardware

We still see black finishes being popular, in small doses.  Instead of selecting black hardware, plumbing fixtures, and lighting fixtures for your kitchen, mix it up.  Use black hardware for the cabinetry, and a different finish for plumbing and light fixtures. Cabinetry hardware can be replaced in a few years for an updated look.


We love it too, as an element or a feature, maybe not for every wall in a room. Try using it in smaller amounts, such as in this guest bath.

Barn doors

Barn doors can be great in some spaces, as a partition or in places where sliding the door makes more sense than having it open into a room. If there is a good reason for a sliding door on a track, forge onward! If the reason for incorporating it has more to do with keeping up with current trends, you might consider alternatives. A pocket door or traditional door may be more functional and suitable.

Trendy tile

Heavily patterned tile backsplashes can look dated very quickly. Consider a simpler backsplash with a neutral color or pattern, and add texture or pops of color with accessories instead.

New kitchen cabinetry and countertops are meant to last for years for most of us. Remodeling a kitchen is not something we will repeat often in our home. Having the skill and expertise of one of our designers to guide you is the best first step you can take to make the most of your space and have a successful outcome. Develop a list of what is working in your current space, what is not, and what is on your wish list to include in a new design. Gather your ideas and inspiration to share with your kitchen designer. Be reasonable in your expectations and your budget. When it is time to install your new cabinetry, rely on the craftsmanship that a good installer can provide. Find a contractor that you work well with to complete the installation. 

Bring your Kitchen Dreams to life!

Whatever your design style or color choices, Riverhead Building Supply has experts who can help you to translate your ideas into a cohesive design. Fill out our short form to schedule an appointment and you’ll be one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams.