Kitchen Remodel: Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Now that you are ready to start your kitchen remodel where do you begin? There are many things to think about when designing your dream kitchen: the space, layout, functionality you need, and your budget. Don’t get too overwhelmed, allow one of our talented designers to help you get started.

Work with one of our designers to maximize your space and make it fit you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider as you embark on your renovation journey:

What’s working in your current space, and what isn’t?


This is your space, design it to fit your needs today. If you love to cook, that may mean making space for a larger stove/oven. If meal prep often involves more heating than preparing, maybe you need a convenient way to keep frequently used items close at hand, but out of sight when not in use (such as a coffee maker, toaster, or air fryer).
Make your space work for you.

To see or not to see:
Open shelving vs. cabinet doors

Open shelving makes it easy to see and grab your dishes. They also create a nice area to display special items, cookware, or artwork.

Cabinets give a clean sleek look when you don’t want to see what’s inside. 

Multifunction areas

If we have learned anything in the
last few years it is that our kitchens often serve as homework and work-from-home space. Think about your needs for this, and your designer can help with solutions.

Types of storage

If you need more storage, now is the time to address it!


  • using taller upper cabinets
  • adding drawers instead of doors on bottom cabinets 
  • including special pullouts for blind corners
  • selecting frameless designs that allow full access to the space inside

There are many ways to customize your storage within your kitchen and we can help!

Pets and recycling

Make a plan for where you will feed your pets, or where you plan to keep waste and recycling bins. This is the time to integrate either or both into your floorplan.

Flooring, lighting and electrical outlets

While our design focuses on the cabinetry, your flooring, task lighting, and electrical outlets are important to the overall efficiency of the space and how much you will enjoy it.

It is always best to be in constant communication with both your contractor and kitchen designer to ensure everyone is on the same page as you.