Colors of the Hamptons by PPG Paints Exclusively at Riverhead Building Supply


On the East End of Long Island, New York lies one of the country’s most popular seaside communities, the esteemed Hamptons. It is a place all its own. It has its own culture. It has its own atmosphere. And, it has its own color palette.

The Hamptons is famous for its blue waters, stunning sunsets and pristine beaches. And now, Vincente Wolf, of Vincente Wolf Associates and Dee Schlotter, Senior Color and Trends Manager at Pittsburgh Paints (PPG) have created a one-of-a-kind collection of paint colors designed to reflect the Hamptons. Being a resident of the Hamptons, Vincente Wolf knows which colors are on-trend within the community, and this new collection, Colors of the Hamptons, beautifully captures them all.

These are the Color Trends of 2018

The Colors of the Hamptons collection features eight unique colors, each of which can complement the others. Guaranteed to be among the hottest color trends of 2018, the colors featured in this collection include:

Buy the Colors of the Hamptons Paint Collection at Riverhead Building Supply

Riverhead Building Supply is proud to be the exclusive seller of the new Colors of the Hamptons paint collection from PPG. In addition to this palette, PPG Paints offers a wide array of color tools on their website to help you find your own unique color style, and then find coordinating or accent colors. PPG’s easy-to-use website takes the guesswork out of making your paint color choices. In fact, they have even made the process fun.

If you want 8” X 8” designer-sized swatches or fan decks of other PPG colors and collections, or brochures, simply send us an email with your address.  View Riverhead Building Supply’s complete selection of premium paint and stain products and discover the many ways you can beautify the interior or exterior of your home.