Giving Tools as Gifts for Father’s Day


Dads can be difficult to buy for, and with Father’s Day fast approaching, time is running out if you haven’t already picked him up something special this year. But one thing that any dad will always appreciate is a new tool. Even if it’s a new “tool” gadget he has never heard about, he’ll be sure to love it. Why? Because dads love working with (and looking at) tools.

If you need some last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas, check out our tool gift-giving guide below. These suggested items are great for any homeowner, weekend DIYer or handyman.

Basic Hand Tools That Every Dad Should Have

Everyone, even people who aren’t especially handy, should at least have a toolbox filled with basic tools necessary for solving everyday issues. Use the following to determine which tools your dad has and which ones he needs. This is a great starting point for giving tools as gifts.

  • Screwdrivers – Every home should be equipped with a range of screwdrivers, including flat-heads and Phillips-heads. Or, you can get dad a screwdriver with several different replaceable magnetic heads. He should also have short- and long-shafted versions for getting into tight and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Tape measure – A tape measure is a must-have in the toolbox. Whether your father likes to work with wood or he needs to measure furniture for the living room, this tool is what he’ll need.
  • Hammer – Every toolbox needs a hammer in it. From tapping down or prying up loose nails to hanging pictures, a hammer is a tool you don’t know you need until you need one.
  • Utility knife – A quality utility knife is a favorite cutting tool. From opening boxes to cutting carpet or anything else, a utility knife can do it all.
  • Pliers – Pliers are universal tools that can perform a range of duties. They can be used for light electrical work and other tasks because they can grip, bend, and cut.
  • Adjustable wrenches – An adjustable wrench is a great tool to have in the home because they are used for tightening loose nuts and bolts, making them essential for assembling furniture, working on the car, and a myriad of other tasks.
  • Flashlight – A flashlight is something that everyone needs because it is so functional. A flashlight is essential for working under the kitchen counter or other dark areas, and it’s equally useful for when the storms knock the power out.
  • Socket Set – A socket set is another useful thing to have, especially if your dad likes to work on his car or truck. A set comes with a range of different sized sockets, allowing them to satisfy many needs.
  • Stud finder – A stud finder makes life easier for hanging something on the wall. This tool can sense the location of the studs just by sliding it along the wall.
  • Handsaw – You never know when your dad might have to cut something, like a hanging branch, so having a handsaw in his toolbox will enable him to get the job done easily and quickly.
  • Level – A level will help your dad make sure whatever he is working on comes out level and plumb. From hanging shelves to building an additional room onto the home, a 4’ level will help make the job turn out right.
  • Painting tools – If your father likes to paint or has a project coming up, then provide him with the tools he’ll need, like painter’s tape, duct tape, a putty knife, and a roller, brush, and pan set.

 Basic Power Tools for the Home

If your dad is a little handier around the home, then you might want to think about getting him a few new power tools. There are plenty of options out there for you to consider, but here are a few of our favorites.

  • Multi-Tool – An oscillating multi-tool, like the Fein Multi-Tool, comes with a variety of attachments that enable it to be used for a wide range of functions. From cutting door jambs to fit to sanding surfaces to removing old flooring adhesive, a multi-tool handles it all with ease.
  • Cordless drill – Today’s cordless drills pack the power of plug-in models with long-lasting batteries that enable your dad to work unencumbered. Popular models like the Makita 18V and DeWalt 20V drills are convenient, powerful, and easy-to-use.
  • Palm sander – If a project requires sanding a lot of wood, a palm sander, like one from Porter-Cable, is the ideal solution. It’s easy on the hands and shoulder, and capable of using all manner of sandpaper grits.


Tools for Bigger Projects or More Advanced Users

Some dads are advanced in terms of what types of projects they can take on. They will already have all the hand and power tools they need to do most jobs. But, if your father is planning an upcoming project this summer that requires a specific tool, then getting it for him for Father’s Day will give him the momentum he needs to get the job done. Here are some common tools for more advanced users.

  • Impact drill – An impact drill is needed when you need to drill through cement or other masonry. It is also called a “hammer drill” because it works by simultaneously drilling and hammering the hard material.
  • Circular saw – A circular saw can either be hand-held or a table model. A hand-held model is used for cutting long and wide pieces of wood, like sheets of plywood, while the table model is used for cutting trim, molding, and other thin pieces of wood.
  • Jig saw – A jig saw can also be found in hand-held and table models. It features a thin blade that is specially designed to create finer cuts in wood, such as curved cuts or shapes otherwise not achievable with other types of saws.
  • Reciprocating saw – This saw from Milwaukee Tool is also known as a “Sawzall” because it saws all. It is used in home remodeling projects because it can quickly slice through wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.


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