Riverhead Building Supply is proud to service all of Long Island, Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut.
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1. Select from 20 sample homes
(or upload your own).

Turn your ideas into a brand new design. Start designing for free using a sample home style from our gallery that closely matches the style of your home, and begin giving it some new curb appeal. But why stop there? With the Home Exterior Visualizer from Riverhead Building Supply, you can even re-imagine your home with new roofing and siding styles and colors.

Simply upload a photo of your home to get started, or enter your address to use Google Street View. Create an account and save your work to pick back up at any time.

2. Change the roofing, siding, windows and doors.

Select the brands, styles and colors of products that will go on your home. Add a new roof, update your siding, change your front door and see how your color and style choices work together.

Not happy with your work? Start over! You can save your work at any time and compare different combinations of styles, options, and colors.

3. Save your project, download plans, and order a photo.

Go ahead, get a little crazy. Play around with brands, styles, and colors. Create an account and save your work. You can even print out a PDF of your dream home!

Riverhead Building Supply gives you the tools to re-imagine your home. Like what you see? Contact us for a consultation on how we can help make this dream a reality.