Protect the exterior of your home with a high-quality building wrap

A quality housewrap that is properly installed helps to protect your exterior wall structure. Building wrap provides a weather-resistant barrier that keeps damaging moisture away from your framing. Most residential and commercial wraps are breathable, to allow air to flow through, while keeping water vapor out. This helps to prevent mold or wood decay in the stud walls.

HydroGap® SA

HydroGap® SA, is the first ever self-adhered WRB with a 1mm drainage space. By integrating a continuous drainage space with a continuous acrylic adhesive, HydroGap® SA creates an unmatched air and moisture barrier in the wall assembly.

Henry Blueskin® VP100

A fully-adhered solution, Blueskin VP100 housewrap produces a weather tight, water tight, and air tight membrane.

DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® 

The original housewrap, DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®, offers superior performance. It incorporates innovative material science that helps keep water and air out, and lets water vapor escape.

TYPAR® BuildingWrap

TYPAR BuildingWrap has 5x the tear strength of the competition and offers optimal breathability. Water and air are blocked from getting in but moisture inside the wall cavity can get out.

REX™ Wrap Housewrap

REX Wrap is woven and coated polypropylene tear- and weather-resistant housewrap that creates a barrier against moisture and air.

HardieWrap® Weather Barriers

Engineered for Climate®, HardieWrap® weather barriers balance water resistance and breathability to protect your home from the elements.