Happy Anniversary to our Team Members!

At over 600 employees strong, it is sometimes tough to give every employee the individual recognition they deserve. That’s why twice a year, the Riverhead Building Supply team comes together for a “Years of Service” event to honor employees who have celebrated a milestone work anniversary during the previous six-month period.

We’re happy to see so many employees who are celebrating work anniversaries. The Years of Service breakfast events in January and July bring together those who are celebrating 5-year milestones from 5 to 35 years (or more!) at Riverhead Building Supply. Over 100 employees were recognized this year. Collectively, those employees bring over one thousand years of experience to our customers! We look forward to honoring more employees at future events.
During our anniversary events, employees from all areas of the company and all positions get together to celebrate each employee’s years of service.  As an employee is announced, John Callahan, president of Riverhead Building Supply, or another member of the senior management team, gives a short and personalized biographical sketch about the honoree. It is sometimes a bit like a celebrity roast—often humorous and always interesting. In addition to being an opportunity to express appreciation to our coworkers, these semi-annual celebrations are a way for employees from different locations to re-connect.

Here are what some of our employees have said about working at Riverhead Building Supply:

“It’s been the best 30 plus years of my life. Great people and work environment. Treat you like family. Also it was when I started that I got married. Thank God, it’s the only way I remember my wedding date!”
Terry M. – Outside Sales

“I want to say how grateful I am that RBS celebrates years of service. It gave me a true feeling of being appreciated for what I do and for being a part of an awesome team that I plan to spend the rest of my career with.”
Gina W. – 5 years

“It was nice to get to know some of the people in the company I haven’t met before, while being recognized and appreciated for the years each of us has been here.”
Matt G. – 5 years

“Fifteen years have gone by so quickly! It was great to see so many coworkers at the breakfast.”
Steve D. – Purchasing

“I always enjoy honoring employees at the years of service breakfast.  I am always amazed at the long service so many employees have and the stories are always entertaining!  This breakfast was special as I also received an award for 20 years!  It was an honor to receive this alongside so many great employees.”
Tracy K. – VP

“It’s been a great 15 years working for RBS. In a time where your company is only as good as the people working for it, ownership and upper management truly understand that and reward their employees accordingly. The “Years of Service” breakfast is just one of many ways RBS shows its appreciation to its work force during the year. I look forward to 10 more great years and reaching the 25-year milestone with RBS and seeing how much more this company can grow!”
John D. – Merchandising Manager

“In the 20 or so years I’ve been here, I’ve seen some highs and lows in all aspects of the building industry. I have to say thanks to my fellow co-workers, thank you for your cooperation and support throughout the years for helping us get through all those highs and lows, good times and not so good times. Because without us working together, RBS wouldn’t be one of the greatest companies in America. I have seen many faces come and go and want to say I am glad I had the pleasure to meet and work with them, and I look forward to many good years together in the future!”
Jim R. – Sales

“The breakfast was fun. It was so nice to see how we are appreciated as employees and I got to see some people that I’ve only met through the phone.  Working at RBS has been a great experience and my coworkers are awesome!”
Kathy L. – celebrating 10 years

“When I am invited to a Years of Service breakfast it always makes me think of how much RBS has changed from when I first started and the only yards were Riverhead and East Hampton.  It is fun to see who has worked here the longest, catch up with the people you started with, and learn something about everyone else in the room who is part of what the company is today.”
Candee B. – Purchasing

Riverhead Building Supply has grown to be a large employer across Long Island and Rhode Island. If you are interested in building your career at Riverhead Building Supply, view our latest job opportunities. Maybe someday we will be celebrating you!