PreHung Doors by RBS

What is Plumb, Level, Square and True Worth to You?

Quality control is important to us, and it is imperative to you.  We found that getting door orders shipped in from different suppliers added too much handling to the materials, and too much potential for damage.  Sometimes pre-hung doors arrived racked and skewed and out of square.  That simply is not acceptable to ship out to you on a jobsite.  Our craftsmen routinely would refuse orders, and fix (or replace) the problems that had occurred in transit.  It added time to the whole order-to-delivery cycle, and a lot of labor, too. Then we thought, why not just make them here, so that there is less handling and we can set our own quality standards to follow?  We have been creating pre-hung doors in our shop for over a dozen years, so you can depend on the level of quality you are going to get in every order. If you’ve tried us out for pre-hung doors, we’re pretty sure you’ve stopped hanging doors on your own on the jobsite, because your time can be spent on other important things.

And if you have never tried out Riverhead Building Supply, what are you waiting for? Why spend your time cutting jamb legs and heads, applying hinges, and hanging a door in a frame, then messing around with your level and shims in the rough opening until it swings jussst right?  We’ll ship you the door of your choice, in the frame of your choice, with the hinges you want. You tell us what stops you want, and we’ll hand apply those, then make sure the swing is correct, the boring is correct, and it is all plumb, square and true.  You can still mess around with the level and shims on the jobsite, but that’s about all you’ll have to do to get perfectly hung doors.

  • Door styles – choose from a wide range of styles, such as panel doors, louver doors, even specialty glass pantry doors
  • Doors can be fully primed or unfinished
  • Door frames can be made in any size and any species you need, you tell us your specs
  • Hinges – we start with Emtek, but you can change or upgrade to any type of fine hardware from suppliers like Baldwin, Ashley Norton, Deltana and others
  • Stops applied – our standard OG or eased edge, or any profile you can think of
  • Pre-hung doors for special applications, such as access doors, clipped corner doors for under stairwells

This video gives you a peek at our shop, so you can see how we assemble your order.  Interested in seeing more?  Let us know if you would like a tour of our manufacturing area where we are pre-hanging doors, milling mouldings, making custom cabinetry and custom doors, assembling windows, and more.
For any questions, please give us a call at (800) 378-3650 for our New York locations or at (800) 874-9500 for our New England locations!