Our advertising history

Experience Riverhead Building Supply across the many advertising platforms we utilized from our very beginning – from March of 1948 through today. Take notice of how our messages changed, how our logo and branding evolved, the multitude of products and brands we still sell, and the ones we no longer sell or have gone away. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

advertising from 1948 to 2010

See newspaper ads from 1948 announcing our grand opening, sales of bungalows, and meet ‘Woody’ The Builders Friend! Each ad captures the full newspaper page – go back in history and peruse other ads and articles of the time. We still use print today in some of our region, however, most of this messaging now appears online.


Hear our radio ads from years past that speak to our point-of-difference, brands we sell/sold, and our ‘jingle’ from the 90’s. Radio is still used today for broad awareness generation – both terrestrial (your car radio) and streaming to connected devices.


See a compilation of television ads from the 90’s to our branded messages of today. We utilize focused television ads in key regions of our geography to generate awareness among a broad audience. Today ‘commercials’ are called ‘video’ and this content can be viewed in multiple places beyond your traditional TV set. Today the majority of our video content is consumed digitally on phones, tablets, desktops, or streaming TV.


Our community history

Every member of our founding family has been committed to supporting the communities in which we serve. From back in 1948 where our financial ledger indicates supporting our local Police and community organizations, to today, Riverhead Building Supply remains vigilant in providing support to a broad range of organizations. Below enjoy the first Habitat for Humanity build on Long Island of which Riverhead was a part and we continue to partner with today.

Habitat for Humanity

Riverhead Building Supply supported the first Habitat home build in Suffolk County, Long Island, over 35 years ago. We continue to support Habitat Long Island in multiple ways each year. This video is from their first build and features our Chairman, Edgar Goodale.