MI is your source for a wide range of remodeling and new construction windows. MI offers some of the best replacement windows in Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, with a variety of window styles, including our double-hung and double-slider windows available with energy-efficient double-pane and triple-pane glass configurations. If you are a homeowner looking to lower your energy bills, keep your home at a comfortable temperature, or upgrade its aesthetics with the best window replacements near you, MI has you covered. If you’re building a new home, MI also has an excellent selection of new construction windows designed to maximize energy efficiency and curb appeal.


  • Exceptional quality control at every step ensures all orders are delivered on-time, accurate, and complete
  • Audits every hour, on every line, in every plant ensuring your windows are examined before they leave the factory
  • Design flexibility with on-trend styles and top-rated performance at the right price
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plants deliver what you need, where you need it
  • 100% trouble-free guarantee


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