Elm Grove by Exterior Portfolio is durable, maintenance-free siding that has the timeless look of real wood. It delivers curb appeal that will last for many years to come. Available in clapboard and Dutchlap profiles. View style and color swatches below.

D4 Clapboard

Clapboard Aspen White Aspen White
Clapboard Drifwood Driftwood
Clapboard Country Beige Country Beige
Clapboard Clay Clay
Clapboard Harbor Blue Harbor Blue
Clapboard Pearl Pearl
Clapboard Greystone Greystone
Clapboard Saddle Saddle
Clapboard Rye Rye
Clapboard Mocha Mocha
Clapboard Bone Bone
Clapboard Cypress Cypress
Clapboard Wheat Wheat

D4 Dutchlap

Dutchlap Aspen White Aspen White
Dutchlap Driftood Driftwood
Dutchlap Country Beige Country Beige
Dutchlap Clay Clay
Dutchlap Harbor Blue Harbor Blue
Dutchlap Pearl Pearl
Dutchlap Greystone Greystone
Dutchlap Saddle Saddle
Dutchlap Rye Rye
Dutchlap Mocha Mocha
Dutchlap Bone Bone
Dutchlap Cypress Cypress
Dutchlap Wheat Wheat