With deep shadows, straight face and a milled cedar-grain texture, CraneBoard siding gives your home a solid, authentic presence. CraneBoard is insulated siding designed for energy efficiency and excellent moisture management. It reduces thermal conductivity, absorbs and reflects radiant heat and is available in 6″ and 7″ profiles. View CraneBoard styles and colors below.

D7 Swatches

D7 Aspen White Aspen White
D7 Driftwood Driftwood
D7 Country Beige Country Beige
D7 Clay Clay
D7 Harbor Blue Harbor Blue
D7 Pearl Pearl
D7 Honey Oak Honey Oak
D7 Greystone Greystone
D7 Saddle Saddle
D7 Rye Rye
D7 Mocha Mocha
D7 Bone Bone
D7 Cypress Cypress
D7 Wheat Wheat
D7 Graphite Graphite
D7 Slate Slate
D7 Olive Olive
D7 Expresso Espresso
Hillside Green
D7 Light House Red Light House Red
D7 Regatta Blue Regatta Blue

T6 Swatches

T6 Aspen White Aspen White
T6 Driftwood Driftwood
Country Beige
T6 Clay Clay
T6 Harbor Blue Harbor Blue
T6 Pearl Pearl
T6 Honey Oak Honey Oak
T6 Greystone Greystone
T6 Saddle Saddle
T6 Rye Rye
T6 Mocha Mocha
T6 Bone Bone
T6 Cypress Cypress
T6 Wheat Wheat
T6 Graphite Graphite
T6 Slate Slate
T6 Olive Olive
T6 Espresso Espresso
Hillside Green
T6 Light House Red Light House Red
T6 Regatta Blue Regatta Blue