ATAS Accel metal roofing systems are energy efficient and available in colors that meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. Accel Roofing Products makes choosing your next residential or commercial metal roof easy by expanding your options and delivering quality, warranty-backed roofing system products.

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Featured Product: Dutch Seam

Dutch Seam is a continuous standing seam metal roof panel with an integral seam. With the lock and seam an integral part of the panel, there are no seam caps to install. This prevents “blow-off” or “creeping” of the cap or seam. Mechanical field seaming of the panel is not required. Just snap the panel onto the previously installed panel, fasten the clip and the panel is in place. The Dutch Seam is a structural metal roof panel and can be fastened directly to purlins or solid substrate. The minimum slope requirement for a roof is 2:12. A flat roof can be converted to the correct slope with the simple addition of a lightweight truss system.