Lumber building materials and engineered products for Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island


Better Building Starts with Better Lumber Supplies

Build Smarter. Build Better. Build with better materials. At Riverhead Building Supply, we place a premium on the quality of the products we offer, and the most important part of any build is the quality of the lumber supplies used throughout. No matter what your lumber product needs, we can provide you with everything from posts and boards to framing and specialty woods delivered directly to your job site.

Keeping the majority of our lumber supply inventory under cover and protected from the weather, we minimize the effects that temperature and moisture can have on stock material. We stock Douglas Fir framing lumber sized 2×4 through 2×12, up to 26-foot lengths, and can special order larger dimensions and lengths in a variety of wood species up to 32 feet. Call your Riverhead Building Supply representative for a complete inventory of the quality lumber products your job deserves.