Red Balau by ExoDek is a superior Mahogany species that adds strength, lasting beauty, and long-term value to any home. 

Red Balau by ExoDek is engineered to withstand outdoor elements and time while maintaining an unparalleled beauty. You can be confident that when you
choose Red Balau by ExoDek you are selecting the best
high-performance material in the market backed by a 25 year warranty.

Features and Benefits
Distinctive Grain & Rich Color 

8’-20’ Even Length Only Tallies 

Kiln Dried for Maximum Stability 

Resists Checking 

Excellent Natural Durability 

ASTM Fire Tested – Class A 

Long Term Sustainability 

Easy to Install 

25 Year Warranty* 

* when installed according to guidelines 

RBS stocks the following:

5/4×4 square edge

5/4×4 grooved

5/4×6 square edge

5/4×6 grooved