Customize your kitchen with high-quality Medallion cabinetry.  Distinctive and meticulously finished Medallion cabinets are truly special and unique, and skillfully crafted from the best materials.

Your Source for Medallion Cabinetry Product Lines

Medallion kitchen cabinets are available in a vast selection of door styles and wood species and undergo a premier finish process so that each cabinet is not only beautiful, but also easy to clean and durable.

Medallion Platinum Snippet

Medallion Platinum

Medallion Platinum cabinets feature artistic touches, exquisite details and timeless styles. They reflect exceptional workmanship in every line, curve and angle.

Medallion Gold Snippet

Medallion Gold

The Medallion Gold cabinet line is available in a large selection of styles so that you can personalize your home with the designs, details and storage solutions that work for you.

Medallion Silverline Snippet

Medallion Silverline

Silverline cabinets combine form and function to deliver upscale style and practical value.