Farmhouse kitchen designs are naturally timeless

One of today’s most sought-after kitchen designs is the farmhouse kitchen. This timeless style leans heavily on natural materials to create a warm, welcoming space for cooking, entertaining, and socializing.

Farmhouse kitchen designs run the gamut from rustic to modern, but some of the components common to this style room are knotty wood floors or slate floors, large spaces for preparing food, quality hardwood cabinets in warm tones or painted white, apron sinks, and open storage shelves. Popular accessories and accents may include vintage glass canisters, wood beams, baskets, and metal lighting. Farmhouse kitchens are beautifully functional without being fussy, and add eye-catching character to any home.

Images of farmhouse-style kitchens by Riverhead Building Supply

This cozy farmhouse kitchen features maple Tedd Wood Fine Cabinetry that has been stained and glazed to give the doors an aged, furniture-like look. Panels were designed to cover the refrigerator, farmhouse sink, wine cooler and beverage refrigerator.

Custom cabinets with concealed hinging meets the clients’ specified storage needs, while the island adds additional storage, a prep sink and large work area.