RBS Same Day Delivery | Build Smarter, Build Better Series

We are asked often about our motto, Build Smarter. Build Better.  It’s not just a string of words that we threw together. That phrase is a guiding principle for you, as much as it is for us.  You have much to gain by using the smartest methods, tools, and operations. Smart estimating and planning means a better schedule on the job. Smarter choices for products result in a better finished product. Making smarter choices when you hire, buy a new truck, replace power tools – just about anything you do – will give you better outcomes.  The same goes for our business.  We strive to make smarter and better choices every day, to give you what you need for a productive and successful build.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be exploring the topic, and what it means to all of us. This week we’re starting with something you may have heard about, maybe you don’t know why it’s special.

Same Day Delivery

  • Delivered: one more square of GAF American Harvest Nantucket Morning roofing shingles, from Hauppauge to Bay Shore, to finish off a roof
  • Delivered: 1 header and some framing lumber, from Middletown to Portsmouth, because the homeowner saw the opening and decided a door would look much better than the window you were installing
  • Delivered: 16 LF of crown moulding from Port Jefferson to Belle Terre, because your new helper cut twice but only measured once
  • Delivered: 2 boxes of coil nails, because the ones you picked up are for a different tool

Same Day Delivery is available to help you out when you get to the job and have one of those forehead-smacking, “I-forgot-the-milk” moments. We’ll take the manpower hit for you, so you don’t need to leave the job during the day to pick up the stock items you need.  We know your time is valuable, and depending upon your jobsite and how many people are working on it, you may not have the luxury of sending someone back to the lumber yard to pick up forgotten items. On those days, give us a call and try out same day building supplies delivery.  Call by 11 AM, and we’ll have it there before we close for the day.

Same Day Delivery is for in-stock items from your local Riverhead Building Supply location. And when we say in-stock, there are plenty of items that are in stock at each location, from your building basics like framing and sheathing, to roofing and siding. Of course, every location has a slightly different array of day-in, day-out stock.  We try to stock the most popular items for each locale. In East Hampton that might mean 18” Perfections, and in Hauppauge it might mean Exterior Portfolio vinyl siding.  While same day delivery can’t take the place of your normal job planning and preparation, we can help you out when you need to change the framing for what was going to be a window into framing for a patio door. Plan ahead, make your materials lists and get your orders set up like you always do; pre-planning is just good business, and a smarter, better way to use your resources. But when you forget something and need it on the job to keep your work moving along on schedule, call us at either (800) 378-3650 for our New York locations or at (800) 874-9500 for our New England locations!

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