Tips and Advice for Designing Your Kitchen from Riverhead Building Supply
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Kitchen Design Tips And Advice

Make Your Project Perfect With Easy Home and Kitchen Design & Remodeling Tips

This section contains kitchen design tips and other advice that will help you navigate the remodeling process and bring you closer to that perfect end result. Our goal is not only to give you valuable home remodeling and kitchen design advice, but to also help you coordinate all of your research and turn your ideas into beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

Transform your concept into reality with Riverhead Building Supply and these easy design tips and advice:

Before visiting one of our showrooms:

  1. Put together a scrapbook of notes, photos, magazine clippings and anything else that might help us determine your style.
  2. Determine "must haves" and "wish list" items.
  3. Consider a budget that you can live with.
  4. Draw a rough sketch of your floor plan and take measurements (or, if building, get floor plans from your architect or builder).
  5. Call us to make an appointment, or stop into one of our showrooms.

Visiting our Showroom

The first time at our showroom we will set out to accomplish the following:

  1. Meet with a Riverhead Building Supply Designer to answer any questions you may have, and assess your needs.
  2. Tour the displays in our showroom and narrow down a style.
  3. Review and/or assist you in establishing a budget.
  4. Discuss your floor plan and go over your kitchen design concepts and ideas.

If you like what you see:

  1. A Riverhead Building Supply Kitchen Designer or Millwork Specialist will come to your home, get a feel for your space, and take accurate measurements.
  2. Whether your project involves cabinets or windows and doors, our design team will develop a plan customized to meet your needs.
  3. We will provide you with a detailed price quote.
  4. We will set up a meeting for you to discuss the kitchen design concept, pricing and any potential modifications you would like to make.
  5. Once everything is agreeable, we will prepare a contract including detailed specifications, and then place the necessary orders.

The Installation Process

  1. If necessary, we will make arrangements with your builder, architect, and/or designer to coordinate the installation.
  2. If necessary, we can coordinate and arrange the installation of your new millwork, cabinetry and countertops.
  3. To ensure a quality installation, we will meet with your installer at the home to discuss the details of your plan and address any questions they might have.